Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beware the Home Manager

Ian and I have always worked as an equal partnership when it comes to raising our son, cooking and cleaning, chores around the house, etc. (At least that’s the idea.) It was something we even verbally agreed on when we decided that we would have children. So when one of us cooks, the other does the dishes. Ian chops the wood and mows the lawn, and I manage the finances, the website and the admin work for our little shared business. I change Bode’s nappies all day when Ian works, so he changes more of them on his days off. We both do the shopping. And so on.

We have a reciprocal arrangement, and it works for us. One reason is that we have in common similar, quirky aspects of personality, such as our shared abhorrence of waste and our mutual delight in finding ways to be more efficient with our time, money and energy (bordering on obsessive compulsive here).